Franchise FAQ

Why should I buy a franchise?

For professional growth, independence and financial security. According to the Small Business Administration, 65% of all non-franchised businesses go out of business within five years, while 95% of all franchised businesses are successful.

What kind of person makes a good Franchisee?

A coachable person who believes in himself and has an uncompromising determination to succeed.

How much square footage is required for a typical “Your” Pizza Shop?

That is one of the great aspects of our concept. We can utilize as little as 500 sq. ft. for a mall food court and approximately 1200 sq. ft. for a strip center operation.

How long will it take to get my “Your” Pizza Shop operation open?

We estimate approximately 3 to 4 months after your lease is signed.

Does “Your” Pizza Shop grant exclusive protected areas?

Yes, a protected area is designated in each Franchise Agreement.

Why should I invest in a franchised restaurant instead of my own restaurant?

You receive the knowledge, expertise, training and mass purchasing power that allows you to open your own restaurant with a running start. In today’s restaurant undustry a Franchisee has a better than 95% chance of success as opposed to under 20% for a non-established venture.

Can a Franchisee develop more than one restaurant at a time?

Yes, however, you must meet “Your” Pizza Shop’s financial, operational and management qualifications first.

Can I sell my “Your” Pizza Shop operation at any time?

Yes, however, “Your” Pizza Shop has the first right of refusal and must match the offered price.